Workshops & Artist Residences

Pocketfool runs a range of workshops for all ages and abilities.

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Our workshops invite children and families to create their own theatrical worlds through the fun and excitement of imaginative play, music, movement and lots of mess.

Performance Club

Performance Club (physical theatre series)

Artist: Heidi Weatherald

Age: 9 to 12 years

Physical theatre tells stories through movement, body language, hand gestures and sometimes even with objects. As a group we will be devising our own stories as each week we tackle a different theme or idea.

In Performance Club we explore  the ‘Yes!’ game  to  discover  the great director or  writer or installation artist  and performer you are.

You will master some important techniques though live art,  improvisation, ensemble work, slapstick, puppetry, sound design, set design, script writing , acting and directing  for the stage and public spaces.

Each term we explore  a range of theatrical skills to support our creative ideas as performers

Stories For Hands

For children 5 to 12 years and their families
ARTISTS: Alex Desebrock, Jodie Ahrens, Heidi Weatherald & Jennifer Andersen

Slide your hands under the curtain to hear and feel a palm-sized story. Using words, objects and sensory play, both children and adults will create tiny plays where the audiences’ hands are the stage. You decide if you want to be an audience member or a creator – or both! Stories for Hands was first developed during the INHEPI residency at ArtPlay in March 2013. For more information go to:

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Photos by ArtPlay

Rock ‘n’ Paper Roll

For toddlers and their families

Artist: Jennifer Andersen

In this workshop for The PaperBoats toddlers played with rocks and paper, discovering how balancing a rock makes you move, how it feels to run with streams of paper, and all the patterns that can be made with and on rocks.

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Photos by ArtPlay

Calling All Babies

Artists: Jennifer Andersen, Heidi Weatherald, and Ben Goodes

In this series of workshops for babies and toddlers, Pocketfool and collaborating artists created artful spaces for very young children to feel, explore, and transform. [slideshow_deploy id=’294′]

Photos by ArtPlay

Little Cloud

Age : Birth to Toddler.

Artist : Heidi Weatherald

Drama, Music, Movement, Visual Arts and Science

Sometimes little clouds can get a little stormy

In this session we will explore movement, song and gentle music . The little clouds will explore the ups and downs of looking for its friends. Sculpting little clouds, exploring wind tunnels through a sensory visual arts experience .