Grab your suitcases and hoist the Pocketfool sail!
“Wishhh!” is an interactive operetta which immerses preschool children and their families in an adventure of music, art and imaginative play. From the moment the audience enters the space they are creating the performance with Pocketfool – by drawing, transforming washing on a hills hoist into a sail, playing in a jug band, and building a place of their own out of an amazing transformable set by artist Geoffrey Ricardo.

“Wishhh!” takes children on an exciting voyage, touching on themes of immigration, adventure, discovery and the importance of belonging. It is also about the kind of wonderful play that takes place in the back yard.
“Wishhh!” is an inspiring family experience for arts, children’s and community festivals.

“Wishhh!” collaborators:
Set – Geoffrey Ricardo www.geoffreyricardo.com
Costumes – Amanda Fairbanks  http://amanda-fairbanks.com/
Music – Carolyn Connors

“I was in a play! …. I smiled so much my face hurt.”

“Heidi and Jen you have taken children’s theatre to the next level. The best production for kids I have seen.
Thank you for your inspiring and nurturing work.”

“Fantastic immersion of children into their own world and also the inclusion of us adults into their world.”

Make a Wishhh! for Children’s Week, 2011


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